Quick feature: X-Force characters don’t deserve Deadpool 2

by KC

caFor those unaware, there’s a rumor floating around that Fox are looking to cast X-Force characters Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar for Deadpool 2. This is on top of Cable and Domino who’ve already been cast, as well as returning characters like Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Does this remind you of another movie?

Remember when we were all excited for a Man of Steel 2, after the fairly good predecessor? Then it was announced that the film would be called Batman v Superman. Great! We get to see the new incarnation of Batman after Bale’s fantastic trilogy. Then it was announced that the film would have the subtitle Dawn of Justice… Okay, okay. Might not be too bad. Wonder Woman will be a character alongside cameos of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Then Lex Luthor was cast, and Doomsday was revealed. Now the movie is the embodiment of how NOT to do a comicbook film. For example, I’m discussing¬†that RIGHT NOW.

The studio was simply too eager to set up a cinematic universe that would establish a bunch of heroes for new franchises. Now, we see Fox are trying to do the same. As I discusses in a previous post, Fox are doing superhero films right with fantastic single storylines that can tell great stories. Now, they’re looking to turn their sleeper hit franchise into a money-making machine that’ll spend too much screen time introducing characters we don’t need to meet yet.

If you really want X-Force to be a success, spend this movie solely with the likes of Cable, Domino and Deadpool. When fans see them in X-Force, people will pay to see the film when they’ve watched two fantastic films with Deadpool and one with Domino and Cable.