Quick feature: Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 review

by KC

gotg2Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is pretty much what you expected. Poppy music, funny jokes and superb spectacle.

Unfortunately, it just isn’t as good as it’s predecessor. I felt like the film was trying to hit a check-list of everything the first film did right. In my view? The film should have done what the first film did, only in a different way – it should have taken risks. The first film featured a cast that wasn’t very bankable with characters only fanboys knew, set far away from The Avengers with a tone that was even more distant. Volume 2 threw so many jokes at you that not all of them could stick. In addition, too much screen time was given to Baby Groot who, we all know, was there just so Disney could sell more toys. The film certainly mirrored the first film, but the reflection just wasn’t as pretty.

However, the film did get a lot right though. Yondu was absolutely the stand-out character of the film, if not Nebula, who was underserved in the first film. Both performances emulated characters who were hard as nails, with a soft core inside. Kurt Russell’s performance as Ego was fantastic too. Ego is definitely one of the best Marvel villains in the cinematic universe, though that’s not saying much. Unfortunately, his story arc came to a disappointing and generic conclusion. Finally, while not all the jokes landed, a lot of them were very funny.

Overall, it definitely deserves a place among the top 5 Marvel films. It’s just disappointing because it had such opportunity to be better.