How will Joss Whedon’s Batgirl fim influence the DCEU?

by KC

Batgirl-Evolution-featuredEverybody saw it. We all had to hit ourselves to see if we weren’t dreaming. Joss Whedon, the powerhouse that gave us The Avengers, has switched sides to DC to make a standalone Batgirl film. Why is this such a big deal? Because the man built the foundation that every studio is trying to emulate: he brought characters from box-office smashing films together into two mega films. He left Marvel on a bad-note with audiences understanding that he wasn’t able to bring his vision of The Avengers to life. Now the man has total control over a female-led superhero film. He can focus on creating a small, character-driven picture with a female superhero. The man has a knack for making funny, strong feminist characters to screen and Batgirl is a character that emulates all of that. Why else is that important?

The DCEU is still in Marvel’s shadow. Their films have been dark and brooding and have brought in much smaller box-office numbers. So what does Warner Bros. decide to do? They steal one of Marvel’s biggest names and give him full creative control to develop a character from the Bat-Family. Joss Whedon’s film will surely give a brighter light to the DC universe in the form of a female hero. Marvel are still behind in giving women and characters of minorities a lead in their films with Wonder Woman leading on that front. Batgirl could be another knockout blow on that front.

In addition? Nightwing and Batgirl are two properties DC have announced with names attached to their projects. Despite that The Flash, Cyborg and Man of Steel 2 films were announced long ago, they still don’t have names attached to direct. This leads me to believe that Warner Bros. are looking towards the Bat-Family to bring them critical and commercial success. Having Batgirl and Joss Whedon together is a formula for victory and I have no doubt that this character has the potential to be the new face of the DCEU just as Iron Man was for Marvel.

My only fear is that this project may not see the light of day. Joss Whedon hasn’t been officially announced and if Wonder Woman tanks I wonder if they’ll be confident enough to continue moving forward with this female-led superhero film. Regardless, I hope that this project moves forward soon. Let’s all cross our fingers!